Lake, cliffs, heritage and activities

Nestled in the Haut-BugeyLocated in the southern part of the Jura mountains and halfway between Lyon and Geneva, the town of Nantua attracts many visitors in search of tranquillity and greenery. From our hotel, discovera town with a fascinating history from medieval times to the present day.

Welcome to Nantua, which lies at the end of the lake of the same name!

The town, surrounded by imposing limestone cliffs, is home to a rich heritage, from theSaint-Michel abbey which has a painting by Delacroix and a listed organ, to the source of the Doye, via the old medieval shops in the Quartier de la Pierre

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The region was also particularly marked by the maquis and rebellion during the Second World War. This past is told in the Departmental Museum of the History of the Resistance and DeportationThe hotel is located in the centre of Nantua, a dozen minutes' walk from the Embarcadère hotel.

Don't miss the last remnant of the ramparts of Nantuathe Tour de la Lâte or the rue des Tanneries which may help you to unlock the secret of the famous Nantua sauce.
The city is not to be outdone when it comes to gastronomy! Sit down at the hotel restaurant and try the unmissable pike quenelles with Nantua sauceThe lake of Nantua used to be full of shellfish, especially crayfish, which are used in the sauce. The lake of Nantua used to be full of shellfish, especially crayfish, which are used in the composition of the sauce.

This glacial lake reaches a depth of 43 metres. Its waters range from deep blue to emerald green. The 141 hectares of the lake welcome holidaymakers and locals alike for a game of carp fishing, a pedal boat ride or a refreshing swim.

During your stay in our hotel, share new memories by trying out the numerous water sports activities such as canoeing, sailing, water-skiing and paddling. The lake of Nantua has been classified as a protected natural site since 1936 and has preserved all its charm.

Around Nantua, the forests are good for walking and offer spectacular panoramas. The lucky ones may even come across chamois. To the north of the lake, it is impossible to miss the Palin waterfallor the Landeyron SailsA succession of pools and waterfalls.

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Enjoy the beauty of the lake from our lakeside hotel with its magnificent views of this natural gem.