The history of the pier

Nestling in the heart of Nantua, l'Embarcadère is a veritable institution since 1978. Combining historic charm with modern comforts, our establishment offers a unique experience where every visitor is invited to discover a rich history, elegant architecture and refined cuisine. Whether you're here for a relaxing break or a memorable meal, we promise warm hospitality and an unforgettable atmosphere.

origins and foundation

the creation of the restaurant

The l'Embarcadère restaurant was opened in the 1970s by the chef Bernard Jantet.


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company integration

He first set foot on the shores of Lake Nantua in 2001, when he took over the Embarcadère. Jean-Charles Guyot was also a Master Chef of France, a member of the Club des Cuisiniers de l'Ain and the Confrérie de la quenelle sauce Nantua and des Commandeurs du Bugey.

"Maître cuisinier de France" is the title that every chef aspires to hold! Jean-Charles Guyot, owner of the hotel-restaurant L'Embarcadère in Nantua, was awarded the title on 29 July 2009.

buyback of the Embarcadère

Three local entrepreneurs take over the business

Since it was put up for sale, the hotel-restaurant L'Embarcadère in Nantua has been plunged into mourning by the death of its owner, Jean-Charles GuyotThe restaurant, which is due to open its doors in August 2022, seemed unlikely to find a buyer. Three local entrepreneurs, who were so familiar with the place that they had become friends with the late owner, couldn't bring themselves to see this landmark of Aindenne gastronomy disappear.

Bruno Pellegrini, Daniel Zarlenga and Hervé Vion-Delphin decided to join forces to take over the business. The initials of their first names in alphabetical order, BDH, gave its name to the holding company that took over the property part of the business. The name of the business remains the same: SAS L'Embarcadère.

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